SUPERWOMAN Fest 2022 Programme

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Join us at Junkyard Market in Norwich this May!

If you are a working woman in Norwich, or a business owner who wishes discuss your industry with local women, then this event is for you. With our range of speakers and workshops, you are bound to find something that speaks to you and helps you in your careers evolution- be it industry, business, health or wellbeing related. We want to support all women, regardless of age, the stage you're at in your career, or whether you require pragmatic or personal support. We want to you leave Superwoman Fest feeling like you matter to your community, with connects  with other women and with a knowledge of companies that are there for you. 


Both days will be held in Norwich City Centre at the Junkyard- a laid-back space that will provide spaces for speakers, stands run by local businesses who want to get to know you and interactive workshops.


On Friday, listen to talks and engage in workshops related to the world of work. Discover what it takes to run your own business, learn about a new profession and get talking to inspiring professionals about work and training.


Saturday will focus on health and wellbeing. Learn about hormonal health. Discover your inner resilience in a self defence masterclass, listen to down-to-earth speeches given by inspiring women and share your story with someone new…

This festival is all about togetherness, so men, male employers, fathers, sons and teachers are encouraged to come along to speak about or explore their interests too - alone or in the company of the women that matter most to them.





Jenna Davies

Jenna is founder of 

the IAM Hub - a specialist training and development company, working with businesses and entrepreneurs to enhance their success through confident and impactful communication. 

Taking a unique approach to developing teams, leaders, individuals and the rest, clients benefit from Jenna's expertise in communication, pitching and presenting.

Find out more about the IAM Hub here:


Joe Mills
121 Mentor

Joe is Managing Director and Founder of the Tree Academy- a business development company with a people orientated approach. 


She will be providing a workshop on the importance of a people-orientated approach in business and festival attendants will be able to sign up for a 121 mentoring programme with Joe on Friday and Saturday. 


Find out more by clicking the button below:

Shelley Rudling

Shelley Rudling
Festival Creator

Shelley is the creative mind behind Superwoman Fest.

She wanted to create a space in which women feel confident and at ease, with access multiple professional options that reflect their unique talents. 


Shelley created Superwoman Fest in the hope of building a sustainable network between working women and local organisations in Norwich.



Jeanette Wheeler

Jeanette is a qualified Solicitor with almost 20 years of experience in advising a wide range of employers and senior executives. She joined Birketts, a top 100 law firm, in 2007.


She is committed to building sustainable, long term relationships in her work, understanding her client’s businesses and providing excellent service and practical solutions.

You can find her here:

Caroline Jarrold

Caroline Jarrold

Caroline is a Community Affairs Advisor at Jarrold and sons and has worked for the company for more than 35 years.

She was also elected Sheriff of Norwich.

Caroline is a  founding member of the Norwich & District Funders’ Forum and her role at Jarrold and sons has enabled her to develop strong working relationships with many charities and local organisations. 

Caroline is an active, engaging force working within our local community, and we look forward to welcoming her to the festival. 

Alice Reeve

Alice Reeve

Alice is Chief Executive Officer at Hethel Innovation, a company which offers support and training development workshops to East Anglian businesses.


With a background in environmental science, Alice is  passionate about the power of innovation in the drive towards a sustainable economy.

Find out more about Hethel Innovation here:


Kelly Cartwright 

Kelly is the Owner & Director of Core Recruiter (formally Jark Norfolk Ltd)- an independent award winning specialist construction recruitment agency.


She believes in the power of simplicity in business and focuses wholeheartedly connects dependable and capable temporary and permanent workers with clients throughout Norfolk.

Find out more about Core Recruiter


Paige Gouldthorpe

Paige is a Solicitor with a passion for Private Client Law. She was listed in the 100 Inspiring Women of Norfolk list.


She is head of Wills, Trusts and Probate at Fosters Solicitors- an award-winning East Anglian law firm and also sits on the Board of Trustees for Big C Cancer Charity. 

Find out more about Fosters Solicitors here:


Richard Pearce

Richard has many strings to his bow. He is Head of Commercial at Norwich County Cricket Club, MD of Norwich Accountancy, and has supported many local businesses, events and charities.

Richard is also a DJ and over the last 20 years he has played all over the UK and internationally- proving you should never limit yourself if you have multiple interests!

Find Richard here:


Tracey Drake

Tracey works as a Development Lead for 'Business in the Community ' - a business-led membership organisation dedicated to responsible, ethical business.

She specialises in branding, communications, marketing and events, and is passionate about making a difference within the world of business.

Along with Charlotte Howell, she is also a Co-Founder of 'Be Bold Be You' an online platform which helps working women uncover their personal style...

Find out more about Business in the Community here:


Charlotte Howell

Charlotte is a Team Leader at the Forward Trust, a London-based organisation which supports people looking to overcome addiction, homelessness, unemployment and offending. 

She has also gained experience as a Women’s Empowerment Coach- enabling women to identify their strengths and overcome the obstacles that hold them back. 


Along with Tracey Drake, she helped found 'Be Bold Be You', 


Christina Taylor

Christina is a Sustainability Consultant at Aviva.


She combines her expert understanding of sustainable business practices with a passion for inclusivity and honesty about mental health issues and eating disorders in the workplace, why and how they arise and what we can do to help our colleagues that struggle.

For info on Aviva's 'Mental Health Pathway', click here:


Lynsey Clark

Lynsey Clark has worked as a Wellbeing Consultant at Aviva for over six years.


She understands the ways in which Physical and Mental health are connected to wellbeing and runs schemes to support employees that are facing anxiety and stress as well as big transitions like menopause.

Find out more about Aviva's Wellbeing policy here:

Saturday clinic at Bannatynne No.webp

Angie Lawrence

Angie is a qualified midwife and lecturer in adult education.


She runs her medical aesthetics and beauty businesses alongside her coaching business which enables her to help women by  feeling great or working on their mindset towards their lives and businesses. 

Find out more about Angie here:

Sevi Marshall

Sevi is a Relationship Manager in a Norwich marketing agency, looking to help women build key links in the industry. 


She is also an organiser at the Norfolk  Women's Marketing Network.

Find out more about the NWMN here:


Carole is Managing Director and Founder of HR Support & Consultancy provider MAD-HR.


She has over 30 years of experience working in the world of HR and prides herself on her ability to help clients grow their business and attract, retain and engage talent by building a positive employer brand.

Find out more about MAD-HR here:

Carole Burman

A Sefton head shot v1_edited.png

Alison Sefton

Alison is Head of Norwich High School for Girls, a school which is passionate about helping girls to grow and learn from a broad and balanced curriculum and co-curriculum, so they can go onto achieve their goals.

Find out more about the school here:


Sarah Furness

Sarah is a motivational speaker who learnt about leadership during her the 20 years she spent in the military as a helicopter pilot and Squadron Leader.


She is also a qualified cognitive and behavioural therapist, mindfulness coach and traumatic incident manager

Sarah's website can be found here:

Stacy Bradley

Stacy Bradley

Stacy Bradley is a multi award winning Social Entrepreneur and Director of Transforming Local Communities.


She is a passionate change-maker- taking creative action to solve environmental and social problems. Previously recognised as one of Norfolk's Top 25 Young Leaders, she inspires and motivates others to make a positive difference.

Find Stacy at


Rebecca Headden

Rebecca is a founding member of R13 Recruitment- an agency for people looking for work in and around Norwich.


She advocates for a collaborative working style between clients and candidates and link individuals with opportunities to fulfil their full potential. Her agency also introduce client partners to associates to aid their business evolution.

Find out more here:


Nikki Lamb

Nikki is Co-Founder and Strategy Director of Unbound- a creative industry which specialises in creating charity campaigns.

Nikki has over ten years experience in consumer research and experience in design, bringing creative flair and a unique audience focus to the agency.


Find out more about Nikki Lamb here:

Karolyn pink-1_edited.png

Karolyn Gamble

Karolyn is the founder of Eat Sleep Mum Repeat - a movement for mums who feel trapped in the daily grind and who want change but aren’t sure how.


She brings mums together via her online community, podcast, audio and visual resources and written guidance and support. 

Learn more by visiting her Facebook page...


Deb Morgan

Deb Morgan is a experienced relationship coach, who supports women in business and executive positions.


Deb specialises in relationships and the personas women feel the need to hide behind-  opening up important questions tied to  identity and self-worth. 

Find Deb at:


Serena Fordham

Serena Fordham is 

an expert Business Strategist, Growth/Development and Empowerment Mentor based in Norfolk; as well as a best-selling Author, Speaker, and award-winning Entrepreneur.

She helps women to build businesses, careers and lives of passion, purpose and power through her business training company ProspHER.


Find out more about ProspHER here:


Anthony Stears

Anthony is better known as “The Telephone Assassin” and he’s on a mission to get businesses talking again and stop people from hiding behind their emails and social media.


He teaches clients how to engage customers and prospects in a way which brings value to both parties.  

Find out more at:

Fiona Bail

Fiona Bail

Detective Inspector Fiona Bail, has 15 years of Policing experience in Serious and Complex Fraud and Cyber Investigations within Cambridgeshire Constabulary.

She is now Head of Cyber and Innovation at the Eastern Cyber Resilience Centre and spreads awareness about how to stay safe from cyber crime.

Find out more about the Eastern Cyber Resilience Centre here:


Imogen Shipperlee


Imogen works as an Innovation Manager at Hethel Innovation- offering support and training development workshops to East Anglian businesses.

Imogen works with businesses closely in order to  give them a range of tools, like outsourcing, to adapt and improve.

Find out more about Hethel Innovation at:


Michelle Loose

Donna is an experienced women's health nurse for Norfolk and Waveney who helps women to make informed decisions about hormonal health.


She provides guidance on puberty, menstruation, contraception, HRT and information on every stage a woman faces during her hormonal timeline.


Vicky Plum

Vicky is an experienced brand photographer who draws on her roots in professional lifestyle photography and commercial and social media experience. 

She works with small business owners, entrepreneurs, online coaches and social media accounts for all their photography needs helping them express their unique personality.

Find Vicky here:


Sharon Mckenna Daniels

Sharon is a trained Health Counsellor who specialises in reducing stress and anxiety in the workplace.


Her work involves the use of conscious awareness to counter feelings of dread or upset people might feel about work.

Find out more about Sharon here:


Lavinia Dowling

Lavinia is a Registered Mental Health Nurse and Counsellor who designed a model of care called “Emotional Problem Solving”.


She is the founder of community interest company 'The M Word' which helps those on waiting lists through Mental Health Assessments  and  others to repair their self-esteem, build their confidence and develop their resilience.

Find out more here:

Massive thanks to our incredible partners

If you would like to sponsor this event and get your brand showcased to thousands of women in our network (at the event, via social media, and in our PR and mailing list promotions related to this event then email us at (please note that sponsorship is offered on a first-come, first-served basis)

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